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#09: Chris Bolton – “All You Need is a Wall”

Nathan James has been obsessed with tunneling since he was a kid. In this short piece he recounts one of his early experiences in tunneling into a neighbor's backyard. I produced this piece for the Third Coast Short Docs Competition and therefore the documentary uses sounds created by the band The Books as a condition of the contest. The piece also borrows its title from one of their songs. I will be following up with a longer version of Nathan's tunneling adventures in the coming months, so stay tuned. Music at the beginning is the Saarees

2 comments to #09: Chris Bolton – “All You Need is a Wall”

  • Megan

    Yay!! So happy to see that Storylife lives!

  • Doug (Dad)

    Again, you have brought a wonderful story to life. I love the feeling you get of setting around in a friend’s house swapping stories. I am looking forward to the longer version -

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