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#05 : Chris Bolton – In Which I Punch Out A Bully

Barfight!In this audio-biographical exploration, I interview my three friends Jon, Nora and Avery, who were all with me at a small Portland bar called Valentines the night that a couple of bullies decided to take things too far. Musical interludes borrowed from Andrew Dougless Rothbard and Andrew Bird

15 comments to #05 : Chris Bolton – In Which I Punch Out A Bully

  • kara

    hurrah! I like…” a room full of people who aren’t bullies turning on the bullies like, “well its on Now!” and the description of Chris afterwards. I can imagine. and what a scary bike ride. I will say, the beginning made me nervous cause of how close the people were talking over each other. Very entertaining. good. also, like the picture.

  • Thanks Kara! Love that you listened and I appreciate the feedback :)

  • Jenn Herbinson

    I just wanted you to know I just finished listening to all five podcasts while at my desk at work. I laughed loud enough and often enough to get the Eye from surrounding cubicles. I love them and am very proud of you, sir.

  • Jon and Nora

    Good job Chris. Glad we could be there for you on this special night. Let’s do it again soon.
    jon and nora

  • Colleen Stobbe

    I just had a chance to listen to this. You are doing great work! It was a compelling story well told. I look forward to getting into all your other work. Hope we get to see you next time we’re in Portland.
    Colleen & Jeff

  • Matt MacFarland


  • Mary Francis

    Wish it was on film! Great story! All of them are terrific!

  • UGH

    “When I lifted my fist that night it was against every stupid bully who has ever made me or my friends seem small”… save it.

    So self serving. Not to mention the Radio Lab / This American Life rip-offs.

  • This is great! And I’m afraid I can relate only too well.

  • Re: UGH

    Hmm. My first anonymous slander. Not sure what you mean by ‘self serving’ though. Self-flattering maybe? Am I making myself seem too heroic? Perhaps.

    It’s just a story that happened. The act of turning a story into audio requires a certain amount of embellishment, through words and music.

    Yes, This American Life and Radio Lab are great shows that I’ve studied.

  • Peter

    Nervous Chris,
    Re: Ugh.

    Ugh is just another bully…so your story continues now in this online version, like water circles rippling outward after a stone-throw! Just perfect.

    I wouldn’t listen to Ugh (and if the bullying continues, sure, a nice kapow might be warranted).

    You explored the psychological complexities of this situation, and you weren’t self-serving, just honest about your mixed feelings.

    I also like Nora’s voice and her take on this whole thing–her awakening to the fascination of it all.

    Well done–leaves you with something to think about.

  • frank

    You and your granola-munching gal pals sure showed those rascally John McCain-loving conservative bullies, dint ya?

  • Thanks Frank for demonstrating how Bullies use stereotyping to belittle others and puff themselves up.

    If you think this story is about liberal vs. conservative political views you’ve definitely missed the point.


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