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#04 : Chris Bolton – The Underwater Birth Of Francis Henri

Baby FrancisMy brother Andrew Bolton and his girlfriend Grace Jones (no not the angular pop singer from the 80s) were kind enough to let me interview them and record the water birth of their first child at their home in Portland, Oregon. I produced this piece while attending the CDS Documentary Studies workshop at Duke University in August 2008. Published in conjunction with Speakeasy DC.

7 comments to #04 : Chris Bolton – The Underwater Birth Of Francis Henri

  • It must have been great and different experience for your brother and his girlfriend. Underwater birth means delivery occurs while the mother is submerged in water. In this method, mother and new born child are benefited. But sometimes child has threat of inhalation also.

  • Gramma

    I’m not sure how many times I have listened to this story! Countless times! I’m pretty crazy in love too! I heard that first cry over the phone. I was connected on Chris’s phone! Now he’s almost two and the love has grown. Francis knows me now and it’s incredible!

  • Bridgett

    Wow, . . . that was amazing. I am so impressed by your work, Chris. I kept meaning to try to find this site, but had lost the paper I’d written it down upon so many months ago, and then the time just disappeared. I am so touched by Andrew and Grace’s stories as well. This brought tears to my eyes and also brought me back to my own birth experience. I am really looking forward to listening to all of your podcasts. Congratulations on finding something that suits you so well, and will touch the lives of so many!

  • Jamie

    Grace, Andrew and Chris –
    What a wonderful gift you have given!  Both to Francis, for giving him a gentle birth, and there is a gift that you Grace have given yourself in that gentle birth.  Also, the special gift of sharing this account with the world.  Thank you for recording your story, it is truly a special thing to listen to.  May I please have your permission to post a link to this story on the website I'm building for the homebirth midwife I apprentice with?  We'd love to add it to our birth stories page, and I'll certainly share that with you when the site goes live.

  • Thanks Jamie! Feel free to create a link.

    Thanks for your kind words,

    Chris B

  • This was beautifully done. I am trying to establish a podcast of birth stories on my website and I googled to see what else is out there. I am glad I did. I will post a link to this podcast on my webpage so more women will be able to find it. Thank you. 

  • Thanks Rozika! And thanks for linking!

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