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#02 : Chris Bolton – For Those About to Rock!

ACDCWe invited ACDC to come to this party back in 2001. It was a silly idea. Avery and I left a note on their tour bus with our phone numbers and crude drawings. We'd just moved to Portland, OR,

and we were impressed with all the cool kids and happenings in town and we desperately wanted to make an impression. Imagine our surprise when we actually got a call from Angus Young, and he told us they'd stop by. Musical shenanigans by yours truly.

6 comments to #02 : Chris Bolton – For Those About to Rock!

  • Bethany Miller

    In my recollection Avery’s big, floppy hat was purple. If not, there was something exceptionally purple about her that night. I think it’s when I met you both for the first time.
    I still can’t believe those lame jerks from the Rose Garden.
    Definitely some of the most artistic dancing I’ve EVER SEEN was going down on the floor. Those old rocker dudes missed out. We even had a tart or two!
    Anyway, I’m so glad to hear this. It’s amongst my personal favorite tales to tell. And I hope you were talking about my haircut.

  • Hey Chris,

    these are great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to them, especially this one.

    How are things? I saw your brother had a baby! Incredible!

    Your old Santa Cruz Friend,


  • Thanks Matt! Good to hear from ya pal. Drop me a line anytime.

    I’m working on some more episodes that should be fun.

  • Susie

    I just started listening to your podcasts, and I love them! I lived in London for a few years and just wanted to tell you that a young tart is not a man, its a young chick, dressed up to be noticed.

  • Thanks for listening Suzie! Well, I guess that makes sense. Now we just have to account for Angus’ school boy costume and the band name AC/DC (swings both ways).


  • jesse

    the whole "tart" thing confused me too. i never heard of tart being used as a guy, but i thought it might be an aussie thing. so i went with it. looking it up now, i realized it was not meant that way. i was so disappointed with this story since i love ac dc and you guys don't! but it was still a great story.

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