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#01 : Chris Bolton – The Story of Uncle John

CoffinThis is the Bartelby-esk story of a grown man who lived in a wooden box for a time in the late 1990s. My good friend from highschool, Carolyn, tells the story of how her more info

uncle went from living in a boat, to a trailer, and finally a coffin shaped box. This is the first episode of Storylife, so please let me know what you think! All music is by me and Garageband.

8 comments to #01 : Chris Bolton – The Story of Uncle John

  • Sister

    Loved it :P
    …I will eventually have to choreograph a dance/theater piece for this you realize…

    Printed out my thesis today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holy @#$%!! that was challenging…over 100 pages : )

    Hope all is well with you. I’ll see you after I graduate when I come up to Portland. Yay!

    Love you,


  • simon

    freakin awesome….keep’m coming that was great!

  • ricardo

    nervous chris that was super entertaining. Tell us more. Your voice sounds nice.

  • Robert Robley

    Funny. Sad. Heroic. Crazy. Good listen!

  • Bethany Miller

    I loved this story! To my dismay, MY crazy uncle John is chain smoking and muttering to himself somewhere on the streets of downtown Portland right now! He one time tried to cut off his hand because it “went bad” on him. That was before his attempt to run down my friend and I after school with a station wagon. But apparently he’s cosmically significant. I’m glad he gave away responsibility for that magic penny. He could have used it to destroy the world! At least he can still bend time. Until such point as he’s unable to walk backwards in circles around a wooden chair.

  • Josh

    I love the music! How can i get it?! You rule at Garageband!

  • Thanks Josh,

    Sadly I don’t think I even still have those Garageband files anymore. I am working on an album with my band, Nervous and the Kid, though:

    Thanks for listening!

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